Custom Title Divider

This plugin lets you customize the title divider of your WordPress site. A title divider is a symbol, usually a dash (-) or pipe (|) that separates the page and/or post titles from the site title. It’s most noticeably displayed in the browser tab. Not every site will have this feature, but most WordPress themes include it. But what if you dont want to use what everyone else is using? That’s when this simple plugin can help!

How to Use

After activating the plugin,

  1. Go to Appearance  Customize in the Dashboard.
  2. Go to the Site Identity section. This can be different depending on the theme.
  3. In the Custom Title Divider text input at the bottom of the Site Identity controls, insert the text or symbol you want to use as the separator. You can copy and paste the symbol, but it also accepts HTML symbol codes.
  4. Make sure you publish your changes!

Note: You wont see any changes until you exit the Customizer and view one of your pages.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4


Q: Will this plugin work with any theme?

A: While the divider is a common feature and good design, themes arent required to have it. You can check if your theme supports it by viewing one of your pages and looking at your browser tab. If your theme doesnt support it and its important to you, you might want to consider switching themes, but this isnt necessarily recommended.

Q: I changed my theme and the divider went back to the default dash. What happened?

A: Right now the plugin doesnt support keeping your custom divider if you change themes. Its something I’m working on implementing in a later version, so please look forward to it!

Symbols Table

This is a short list of symbols you might want to use as your separator. You can view a more complete list on W3Schools.



Decimal Code