[ ] Theme

[ ], 余白 (Yohaku), or “Blank Canvas” Theme is a theme specifically developed to be used with Elementor Pro. I want my WP friends to try the theme out for quality maximization, and in case I decide to sell this theme.


I’m an amateur developer and might not know about potential vulnerabilities in the code. Please use at your own discretion! Even though this site and others I’ve made use it, I recommend a local server over a live site. If you don’t know how to set one up, please feel free to pm me! 

2. Download Elementor Pro

If you don’t have it already. If you don’t want to buy a licence, you can download it on GPLDL for free by creating an account.

If you download it from GPLDL, you won’t get automatic updates, so every time a new version of Elementor comes out, make sure to check GPLDL for the latest version.

As of August 13th, 2020, the latest version is 2.10.4 and 2.10.3 is available on GPLDL.

Known Errors/Improvement Points

  • If Elementor Pro isn’t active, nothing is editable.
  • If you’re using Elementor Pro for free, Pro content is locked. This has nothing to do with [ ], but can be fixed with code. Pm me for the fix!
  • There is no customizable or otherwise WooCommerce styling.

Planned Improvements

  • Ability to choose bullet icon
  • Ability to choose colors and other WooCommerce styles